Secrets of connection selfie stick monopod and Android phones

If you have a mobile phone: Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, it is likely that it runs on the Android platform. You bought a monopod, but when checking on your phone button does not work. Why? Because bluetooth button does not always work in a standard application “camera” on the Android platform. Do not rush to return monopod seller and abandon the pleasure to make a photo using Selfie stick.Continue reading

How to test the compatibility of a selfie stick monopod

Unfortunately, not all monopods are compatible with your phone. Even compatible monopod can not work in a standard camera. We offer a fast and convenient way to check the monopod. It will be useful when purchasing or selling a selfie stick monopod. With this test you will know which buttons are working on monopod, and which do not work. What commands monopod sends to phone, etc. Do not waste your time in vain. Use our method for determining compatibility.

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