How to connect a selfie stick to android?

Monopod looks like a simple device. But actually complicated. Unfortunately, a monopod cannot be connected to all smartphones. A monopod maybe not compatible with your phone. Now we’ll tell you some secrets of the monopod connection.

Connecting wire selfie stick to Android

Wired monopods must be connected to the phone via the audio cable. The cable is inserted into the audio jack for headphones. On the wire monopod usually one button. Smartphone accepts wire monopod as a wired headset. If the technical parameters of a monopod and phone do not match, then a monopod would not work. Unfortunately, this can be checked only after connecting smartphone to the monopod.

Connecting wireless selfie stick to Android

Wireless monopods usually work via Bluetooth. Wireless monopod is connected like any other Bluetooth device. On the wireless monopod can be a few buttons. The buttons may have different functions. If you have a fresh phone, the connection problems usually does not happen.

Compatible or incompatible?

When you connect the selfie stick, you will be difficult to determine it works or does not work. You can switch the music, turn on the volume, launch sites … Built-in camera usually does not work with the selfie stick. You will be hard to determine the status of a monopod. We suggest you do not waste time and use our method. There are two programs – that 100% work with any monopod, if it is compatible. With the help of these programs, you can check the compatibility of your selfie stick. The test is very simple – install, connect selfie stick, and run selfishop camera – press a button on the monopod. If the camera did a photo, then a monopod is compatible, otherwise monopod is not compatible. All! More really do not need anything. Believe me, if selfishop camera does not work with your monopod, that no other program will not work! We have some of the best specialists in the monopod in the world! We tested more than a hundred different monopod. Select the program for you: Selfishop Art Camera – Creative photo with stylish retro and glamorous effects. Capture by timer and create a collage of up to 25 photos in each! With the help of filters and effects your photos will become more emotional. And here\’s another version: Selfishop Camera – For the highest quality photos and video. Available white balance settings, resolution pictures, ISO range of other parameters. Harness the power of the camera to the maximum.
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