How to connect selfiestick to Samsung phone?

You are the happy owner of selfiestick and modern Samsung smartphone? Of course, you just want to connect and make new cool photos! Unfortunately not all selfiestick monopods compatible with your smartphone. Some models can not get commands from monopod for technical reasons. In this case you need to use special software functions: photo by timer, photo by rotate… Let’s take a closer look at the connection process.

How to connect wireless selfiestick to Samsung smartphone

All wareless selfiesticks can connect via Bluethooth technology. After connection monopod (or remote shutter button) can send special commands to smartphone. Smartphone need to understand such commands and make photos or ather actions. This is an ideal case. In practice, many problems can occur.

  1.  Power on selfiestick monopod
  2. Enable bluethooth on smartphone
  3. Find monopod bluetooth id in devices list and click on it
  4. Wait 5-20 second

After success connection you will see small bluetooth icon

How to connect wired selfiestick to Samsung smartphone

Wired selfiesticks can be connected vie 3.5 mm audio cable.  Insert connector into the smartphone.

How to make photos
After connections, open camera application. If your camera do not understend selfi buttons then you need to try other software. For example, Selfishop Camera or Art Camera.

Final step. Selfishop camera can scan any button. If your selfiestick do not work with selfishop camera – this is bad sign. Most likely your monopod is not technically compatible. You will not be able to connect it. No program does not help.

We wish you a lot of good pictures!

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