How to test the compatibility of a selfie stick monopod

Unfortunately, not all monopods are compatible with your phone. Even compatible monopod can not work in a standard camera. We offer a fast and convenient way to check the monopod. It will be useful when purchasing or selling a selfie stick monopod. With this test you will know which buttons are working on monopod, and which do not work. What commands monopod sends to phone, etc. Do not waste your time in vain. Use our method for determining compatibility.

Check selfie sticks and monopod for compatibility

When you connect the selfie stick, you will be difficult to determine it works or does not work. You can switch the music, turn on the volume, launch sites … Built-in camera usually does not work with the selfie stick. You will be hard to determine the status of a monopod. There are some simple ways to spend a wire monopod for compatibility with android smartphone. The first and easiest is using the icon when connected.

Connect you wire monopod with aydio cable and see icon:

  • a) Headset icon – Good sign. Your monopod recognizes and button should work.
  • b) Headphones Icon – Bad sign. For additional verification. Monopod button can not work.
  • c) No icon – This is a very bad sign. Your smartphone does not see a monopod. The button will not work. You will not technically a smartphone compatible with monopod.

In order not to waste time checking. We propose to test for 10 seconds using a program.

Selfie stick monopod test

Download from Google Market program Selfie stick monopod test and in 10 seconds you check the compatibility of your phone and monopod. The fastest and most convenient way to connect and check monopod for compatibility with your smartphone!

If a selfie stick monopod does not work?

What to do if a monopod or selfie button does not work with your phone. Dont be upset. Install one of a series of programs Selfishop Camera or Art Camera. In these programs, there are a few convenient features, this is the case.

  • 1) Capture by timer.
  • 2) Capture at a loud volume. Cotton or voice can make a picture.
  • 3) Face Detection. This is an experimental feature. You can take a photo when it detects a person in the frame.

Our programs are free, comfortable and take up little space in memory. You and your smartphone will love.

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