Secrets of connection selfie stick monopod and Android phones

If you have a mobile phone: Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, it is likely that it runs on the Android platform. You bought a monopod, but when checking on your phone button does not work. Why? Because bluetooth button does not always work in a standard application “camera” on the Android platform. Do not rush to return monopod seller and abandon the pleasure to make a photo using Selfie stick.

Why the phone does not respond to button monopod?

Bluetooth button does not work at the program level. Those. it works, but the program “Camera” does not understand it. She just did not know what to do when you press the bluetooth remote control-button.


Selfie stick connection issues and problems

Selfie-stick does not photograph and add sound to the android. Selfie stick is defined as the Bluetooth wireless keyboard. The button sends the code for “volume up”. This means that the button works properly. You need to find a program that will understand this code and take pictures (for example Selfishop Art Camera). On some Samsung in the standard camera program, this function works. But unfortunately, most phones, you must install another program that will correctly understand the codes of the monopod buttons. We propose to use the program “Selfishop Camera” or “Selfishop Art Camera”.


Check selfie sticks and monopod for compatibility

There are some simple ways to spend a wire monopod for compatibility with android smartphone. The first and easiest is using the icon when connected. Connect you wire monopod with aydio cable and see icon:

  • a) Headset icon – Good sign. Your monopod recognizes and button should work.
  • b) Headphones Icon – Bad sign. For additional verification. Monopod button can not work.
  • c) No icon – This is a very bad sign. Your smartphone does not see a monopod. The button will not work. You will not technically a smartphone compatible with monopod.

In order not to waste time checking. We propose to test for 10 seconds using a program. Download from Market program “Selfie stick monopod test” and in 10 seconds you check the compatibility of your phone and monopod.

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