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Our software requered some additional permissions. Please read this information before using of our software.


Selfishop Camera

High quality camera for the most popular tripods and selfiestick monopods with bluetooth buttons or cable. Now you can press the monopod button and take pictures on your phone. If your monopod has a few buttons, you can adjust the action for each button (Capture, Zoom, Change camera...). Just run "Monopod Connection Wizard" from options. For advanced users, there is a window for the research commands received from the monopod. Of course the program can be used as a camera without a moopod. Photo shot can be done by tapping the screen or on the volume button. Supported monopods: kjstar, selftimer, wii, yunteng and many others.


Selfishop Art Camera

Tired of boring pictures? Take stylish glamorous and beautiful photos with our new program Selfishop Art Camera! Color effects will make your pics irresistible. Filter and collages in real time will give your photos unforgettable emotions!As always, our program supports almost all the known wired and wireless monopods and selfie button. But if you are unlucky and your smartphone is not technically compatible with the monopod (does not respond to the buttons), please do not worry. For you, we have made the possibility of shooting by timer and by microphone (voice or cotton).


Selfiestick Monopod Test

Quick and easy way to check the compatibility of any selfie stick monopod. Not all monopods are compatible with your phone. This program is the best way to check for compatibility of your selfie stick monopod. You can check for compatibility selfie stick monopods, remote controls, selfie buttons, keyboard or headset. Supports check bluetootn gadgets and connecting with the cable.